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Photovoltaic Electricity
(Photovoltaic System)

Kyocera Series (Photovoltaic Modules)




40Watts / 16.9Volts / 2.34Amps




60Watts / 16.9Volts / 3.55Amps




80Watts / 16.9Volts / 4.73Amps




120Watts /16.9Volts / 7.10Amps


O.E.M. Product (Photovoltaic Modules)

KC-315 31.5Watts /16.9Volts /1.86Amps


MoringStar Series (Solar Controller)
Tri Star Series 45 or 60Amps at
12-48 Volts
Pro Star Series 15 or 30Amps at
12/24 or 48Volts

Sun Light Series

10 and 20Amps at
12 and 24Volts

Sun Saver Series

6,10 and 20Amps at
12 and 24Volts

Sun Guard Series

4.5Amps at 12Volts

SHS Series

6 or 10Amps at 12Volts


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