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[ Company Profile 2016 ]

Resources & Protection Technology Limited (RPTL) is in the well established and lucrative business of “Energy Saving (ESM) / Renewable Energy (RE) System” over 15 years.


Ours business & technology schedule as below:

A] Start from Year 2015: Provide Design, Supply & Install Energy Saving Machine (ESM) System.

B] Start from 1st December of the Year 2013: Authorized by Colmac Manufacturing INC. (USA) the Sole Agent includes service & maintains full product line equipment.

C] Start from Year 2013: Provide Design, Supply & Install Renewable & Waste Recovery Energy System.

D] Start from Year 2012: Provide Consultancy Services for BIOMASS & Waste Fuel Energy System;

E] Start from Year 2009: Provide Design, Supply & Install Solar Thermal Energy System;

F] Start from Year 2008: Provide Consultancy Services for Smart Energy & Recovery Energy System;

G] Start from Year 2003: Provide Design, Supply & Install Heat Energy Recovery System;

H] Start from Year 2001: Provide Design, Supply & Install Solar Hot (Low-range) Water Supply System;

I] Start from Year 2000: Provide Design, Supply & Install Solar PV Power Supply System;

We are a regional company in Asia with leading positions in the Energy Saving Machine (ESM) / Renewable Energy (RE) business markets we serve. We are also the Asian premier supplier of Green Energy products, systems and services to the Renewable Energy market(s) and Smart Energy market(s). The company is a major green supplier of sophisticated services to a broad range of Hong Kong government agencies and public listed companies.


Our Mission

We promote energy saving machine & system and renewable energy system and Smart Energy system to Client in order to reduce global carbon emission, climate change, energy bill savings, and profit earning - both on the society’s environmental image & the real money !

RPTL act as a consultant who works with businesses to help them to meet our design and construction needs. We usually work as part of a consulting company, and come into the field after obtaining several years of experience in the field. We are experts at whatever field of energy related consulting we are involved in. Energy related Engineering is a very broad field, and consultants are required to have a very clear understanding of everything that a potential client may need.

One area that RPTL may work in is related to mechanical engineering. A consultant would be able to design and help implement plans for a more efficient heating and cooling system in a large building. Consultants may also be hired to assist in improving indoor air quality, processing exhaust and ventilation fumes, and designing commercial kitchens.

We can also work with businesses to create solutions for electrical problems. This may mean designing better lighting for a portion of the building or the parking area. We will also work on regulating energy distribution, and planning for an emergency power generator. An energy / engineering consultant may also design a fire detection system or a security system complete with video surveillance equipment.

The plumbing system of a building is another section that a consultant might be hired to work on. Waste removal, ventilation, hot and cold water distribution, and water heaters are all a part of what an engineer may work on. The sprinkler system, used to control fires, may also be designed by RPTL.

The work of RPTL is varied. Because energy related engineering is such a wide field, there is almost no limit to the work a consultant can perform. We perform several different types of work, for many different types of businesses. We find solutions that meet or exceed the needs of our clients.

As an option, we supply and integrate product and solution(s) under specific Brand Name with the Original Equipment Manufacturer (OEM) professional products to the global market in name of below, i.e. we are acting as an OEM product(s) Manufacturer:

OEM Brand Name Product Start Year
A] RPVHK Photovoltaic Panel, Solar Battery 2008
B] RPT Solar Collector, Solar Tank, Solar Controller 2008
C] RPHP Heat Pump Water Heater Complete Series 2012

We provide “Turn-key” energy related services, include “brand new project” or “alteration & addition project”, RPT can help Client on adding and improving all the energy related system, and all our existing happy users (Client) will certainly happy to show their “RPT built” smart energy system under advance arrangement.


Facts & Contact Details

Company Name:

Resources & Protection Technology Limited (源保科技有限公司)
Address: 108C Pok Wai, Yuen Long, N.T., Hong Kong

Telephone: 852 3428 8820   Fax: 852 3007 5556
E mail:    Website:


2nd January, 2016 (updated)
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